LJ Skye


September 2014


24 Sep - Shoprite 'Christmas' Bagpack

Advance notice: Volunteers needed

24 Sep - Shoprite 'Christmas' Bagpack

Advance notice: Volunteers needed

18 Sep - Committee Meeting

7.30pm at The Trafalgar, Ramsey.

Any Committee Member who is unable to attend should advise Alison Burton asap.

11 Sep - Parents Information Evening

7pm to 8.30ish at Northern Lights Community Centre (opposite Shoprite). For parents of under 16s, 13s, 11s. An opportunity to find out about the Club; meet the coaches, and have your questions answered.

06 Sep - Barrule Cup and Club Day

Two 1hr friendlies against Castletown HC, a good way to spend a warm sunny day, from 1100-1300. Followed by free sausage&mash with Castletown at the Swan 1300 - just ask for the "hockey lunch". If you want to play, please let Mike Spooner know 454085 asap - the more the merrier! Then 1400-1530 is Club Day for juniors to come and have a go. Registration forms will be available for new members.

Manx Motor Meet Young Drivers 2014
19 September 7.30-10pm at The Bowl.
Get advice on car maintenance. Learn how to change your wheel safely. Sit in a Manx auto sport car as it completes an auto test. Free winter check to ensure your car is ready for the months ahead. Free to enter competitions: prizes include free fuel and car parts. Free pizza. Arranged by IOM Road Safety.
Skills Wanted - Urgent

We require to find the following skill sets within the Club membership:

1. Someone with events organisation and administration skills to ensure that each of the planned events for the coming year are appropriately resourced and marketed to achieve maximum fun, enjoyment and fund raising. This involves overseeing and guiding the team of members that will be assigned to organise each event - it does not involve organisation of each event, just organising for the committee those that are organising the event. This is a committee position and requires attendance at monthly committee meetings.

2. Someone with marketing and sales skills to act as the Club's client relationship officer in respect of the sponsorship deal. This will involve liaison with LJ SKye, Nacelle Limited (the PR agent) to ensure that advertising opportunities are maximised throughout the year. A number of items have already been identified to satisfy promotion activities through to December. This will mainly involve the provision of information to LJ Skye's PR agent and ensuring publicity of agreed events. Again this will involve attendance at or reporting to monthly committee meetings.

If you have skills (or simply time) to be able to satisfy either of the above roles please do come forward and make yourself known to Gail, Keith or Julie. Time is of the essence - events start with Club Day on 6th September, Parents Evening on 11th September and the first sponsorship meeting is likely to be the first week of September.

Fulfilling these roles will be a real asset to the Club's development.

The 2nd Annual Great Duck Race

At the 10am hooter, Jordan Parkinson, the event's official starter, let the 1000 anaticulae onto the river. With an outflowing tide and a breeze at their tails (at least for those that were the right way up) a record time was assured. They jostled quickly for position in the early chevron formation. With 20m to go the clear leader owned by club member Matt Robertson, looked sure to be the winner, but out on his own he was exposed to cross winds which pushed him towards the far bank and with just 5m to go he beached in a little stone harbour of anatine proportions. That left number 945 and number 301 floating past and into a renewed sprint paddle finish. Number 945 won by a feather, with 301 second, five seconds later 572 outpaddled 477 for third with 969 taking fifth place. The pack finished closely behind testing those that were helping fish them out of the river as some seemed intent on making it into the Ramsey harbour. Thanks to all our supporters, the river helpers and to Gail for putting on the sausage baps. The official result was:
1st place Ben Horne £150
2nd place Geoff Garner £75
3rd place John Taylor £50
4th place Gail Corrin £30
5th place Keally Smethurst £20

...............until next year